Moving Guide

4 - 5 Weeks before moving

Contact the Post Office for the Change of Address form to tell of your move. Give your new address to:

  1. Friends and family

  2. Banks, insurance companies, and other institutions

  3. Credit card companies

  4. Doctors, dentists and other service providers

  5. Any clubs or associations memberships.

  6. Local government agencies, Federal agencies and IRS.

  7. Magazine and newspaper subscription.


It is the time to take a look at what you own, and decide what must go and what can be left behind. All items such as old books, magazines, and broken items can be left behind. 

Organize your move by deciding and making lists of what items you will not transport, what items your moving agent will move and what items you will bring in your vehicle.

Make a decision if the items not going  will be sold at a garage sale, picked up by a charity or trash it.

Make a decision on who will do most of the packing or all the packing. It is a good idea that you let the moving agent do most of the packing for an international move. The moving agents know the best methods for keeping items safe; that's what they do for a living. Do not do a domestic move pack.

If you will do most packing or all the packing please refer to our packing guide. Any one of a kind items must get special attention. Please ask us for further details about handling unusual and delicate moving situations. Start preparing those items not used often for your move and write down all make, model, and serial numbers of all electronics and appliances, large and small.




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