Moving Guide

2 Weeks before moving

Disassemble and disconnect your computer system before your move. Back up all your computer files on a disk. Consider taking all back up files disks with you in the car. Exposure to extreme temperatures can damage your software.

Make final packing decisions. Clean and clear your home including closets, basement and attics and the items that you will take.

Dispose of items that represent a hazard and are not allowed to be shipped. Please refer to items not allowed to be shipped section for more information.

Drain your lawn mower, power tools of all the oil and gasoline to ensure safe transportation and allow vapor to evaporate.

Schedule appliance disconnection and preparation with a service provider.

Inform gas, electric, cable, and telephone services of your move. Arrange to have them disconnected from your present home the day after your scheduled moving day.

Have your automobile serviced if your travel is by car.

Arrange your next payment for move.


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