Moving Guide

During Moving Day...

Work with the movers. Be on hand when the movers arrive. If you are not able to be present while the movers are there designate an authorized person who will be authorized to take your place. Let the van line agent know to whom you have given the authority. Be sure that your chosen representative knows exactly what to do. This person may be asked to sign documents obligating you to charges. Make sure your precious belongings are packed for an international move.

Provide the new phone number and all other phone numbers where you can be reached while shipment is in transit. Make sure to take along the destination agent's name, address and telephone number.

Review all paper work and details when the van operator arrives. Accompany the driver as he or she inspects each piece of furniture with tags of identifying number. These numbers along with a detailed description of your goods at the time of loading will appear on the inventory you prepare for the Mexican Consulate to approve for your Inventory Visa.

Stay home until the last item is packed. Make a final inspection before the van operator leaves. It is your responsibility to see all of your goods are loaded. Leave your phone connected throughout moving day. After the movers leave pack your phone in one of your suitcases for easy access when you arrive at your new home.

Clean your house as much as you can before the moving van arrives.

The driver will contact you or the destination agent at least 24 hours prior to expected arrival time. This allows enough time to locate you and begin preparation for unloading.

Review your floor plan so you can tell the movers where to place your furniture and appliances. Make yourself available for the movers for instructions on where to place your furniture while unloading. Stay there in case there are any questions.

If you cannot be at your home while the van is being unloaded be sure to authorize a representative to accept delivery. Inform the destination agent of your representative and his or her name. Your representative will be asked to note any change in the condition of your goods noted on the inventory at the time of loading.

Put your pets in a room where they will not be in the way of the loading process.

Do not use your stereos, computers, televisions, other electronic devices and appliances for 24 hours after delivery to prevent possible damage. Allow them to adjust to room temperature.


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