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Pack Pro Theatre


Your shipment is "Sealed" in the front end of the "Pup"
Small 28' trailers are called pups in the shipping business.

Leash a PackPro Pup today!

Want to move door to door with no trans-loading?

Same trailer all the way?

PackPro is the way to go!


Lake Chapala Moving, through alliance with PackPro, is the only moving company in Mexico offering do-it-yourself door to door service. Your shipment never leaves the trailer and remains "sealed" behind the divider wall you put in place. You load it, or have it loaded, Roadway does the driving, and we unload it at your Lakeside residence for you. We set up your furniture, clean up, and haul away the trash. The perfect solution for the do-it-yourselfers who want to save big money on their move and avoid trans-loading of their shipment at the Mexican border to Lakeside. Trans-loading means taking your shipment off one trailer and loading it onto another. Your shipment is the only household goods shipment on the trailer. Therefore, you avoid the pitfalls of mixed or combined shipments. Palletized freight is loaded on the rear of the trailer behind your shipment. Your shipment travels as freight at a reduced cost because you are paying only for the amount of space your shipment requires.


When your shipment arrives in Mexico you will receive a Pedimento. This is a Mexican Customs document which proves that your shipment has entered the country legally.


PackPro is an affordable way to save money on your move. You can book your move to our Laredo warehouse if you plan to leave your shipment in storage while house hunting or finalizing the purchase of your property at Lakeside. At your request we will have your shipment delivered to your new Lakeside residence.