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Dear Winston,

There have been so many questions on here about moving your personal belongings to Merida. Land vs sea....so let me tell you what we did and we couldn’t be more pleased. We did a lot of research at first, talked to friends that relocated, read about the laws etc. I am a retired airline exec and moved over 20 times in the past although not internationally but moving was not a new experience for us.

So here goes....in the beginning of May, we applied for and received permanent resident visas ( the whole process took 4 hours because we read about the requirements ahead of time and had all our paperwork in order). We decided to move our belongings by land because a/ we wanted the time and b/ we picked a company that moved people all over the world. Lake Chapala Movers was the company. They move military, state department, corporate relos etc. Within 24 hours of calling them, United Van Lines __Sudduth came and gave us an estimate of what the move would cost. This was all coordinated by Winston at Lake Chapala. When we were ready they packed, loaded and were on the road. we had to provide a copy of our passports and visas to Lake Chapala. In Laredo, Texas our stuff was transferred to Lake Chapala And made the border crossing. All of the paperwork, translation etc was handled by them. We received our stuff yesterday. Nothing was missing or Damaged. It was seamless and we didn’t have to worry about a thing. We were communicated with during the whole process. This may have cost a bit more than what I’ve heard people quoting on here but we didn’t have to hire a broker, a translator or an attorney. So at the end of the day it was mox nix. Two very happy campers here.

Hi Winston and Daniella,

Above is a posting that I put on Merida Amigos Face Book page.

We can’t thank you enough for everything. It was perfect.

Fernando and the guys were great. We couldn’t be happier. Please feel free to use us a reference for people who have questions.

Even though we have never met, I consider you a friend and hope that our paths will cross some day.

Muchísimo gracias, 

Marilyn Rogers


Hello Winston,


Sorry to be very late with this mail.


The crate already arrived at our home address in Belgium somewhere in November.

There was no damage and nothing was missing.


Thanks for the good service


Best regards


Chris De Hollander





Winston & Daniella,


Just a note to say thanks for your help to get us moved from Ajijic to Toronto.

Everything arrived without a problem -- nothing missing and nothing broken. And the Inventory List was perfect for the Customs people at the Border as well as for us to check off the boxes as they were unloaded.


The guys at this end were great and they commented how well that everything was packed, so you can give your guys a pat-on-the-back for me because they did such a good job.


Thanks again,


David and Brenda Mitchell





Hi Michael & Winston,


We just wanted to thank you both for your excellent customer service in regards to our move from Portage la Prairie to Ajijic Mexico.  We received our items sooner than expected and everything was in excellent condition.  Michael please thank the guys who packed for us.  They did a great job.  Winston, please thank the guys who helped you deliver our items.  They were fast and friendly.


We would recommend you both to our friends and family.




Harry & Deb Isfeld

Portage La Prairie, Canada





Winston Tortajada
Lake Chapala Moving


I must say, and without hesitation, you and your crews did a terrific job moving Ada and I to San Miguel. Nothing lost or broken, and the crews at both ends were the best I've ever experienced in 14 moves across North American and Asia.


Best wishes to you, family, and your moving company.


Next time you're in SMA  you and yours are invited up to the house for a sunset drink or two on the veranda overlooking the city.







Dear Winston,


A while back, we lived in the Tampa Area of Florida and we were moving to Ajijic, Mexico. We wanted to bring a modest amount of our possessions, [8 X10 X10], and we had no idea of how to do that across the US-Mexican Border. We searched the Internet and found a favorable review of Lake Chapala Moving, but we were still concerned about the potential expense and problems. By email, you gave us several alternatives and we chose the least expensive which required us to pack our own things, inventory them, and properly label every box, before loading them on a freight carrier to Laredo, TX, where they cleared customs and went on to delivery in Ajijic. We were concerned about potential complications, but your Internet reputation plus our many phone conversations with you and your wonderful assistant, reassured us that everything would arrive in a safe and timely way.


We are so happy to say that is exactly what happened; we couldn't have been more thrilled and pleased!


And so, we highly recommend your services for people moving to this area. Further, if a potential client needed reassurance, please feel free to have them call us at 376-106-1288 for a personal conversation


Continued success in your fine company.



John and Lauretta Thebault





Dear Winston,

I have just finished completely unpacking and settling-in to my new home in Florida, and one of the first things I want to do is write to you.

I don't know where I can possibly find the words to thank you enough, Winston. You handled my move from Mexico to Sun City Center flawlessly! I praise you for your professionalism, your quality of packing, and your ready communication even after my shipment crossed the Mexican-U.S. border and was in storage in Tampa awaiting my closure date.

I was truly concerned about very fragile family heirloom antique pieces (crystal, china and furniture) surviving such a move, but I am happy to tell you that absolutely NOTHING was broken or damaged. Even two pieces that were already severely cracked with age arrived just as was.

And I now have the utmost compliment for you, Winston. It is not from me. It is from the two movers with United Van Lines who delivered my belongings from storage in Tampa to my home in Sun City Center. They waited until the last item was removed from the lift vans and then one of them said to me: "Ma'am, we were concerned when we saw that your move was from Mexico, because we have experienced some disastrous results with moves from there. But whoever did this move for you, was exceptional! Please congratulate him for us."

I am so fortunate, Winston, that I chose Lake Chapala Moving to care for my belongings, and I commend you highly on a job extremely well done. Gracias de mi corazon!

Ever so sincerely,

Gale Griffith





Hello Winston,

We are busy unpacking our 180 boxes, and the other many items you so skillfully moved, and we look forward to our new life in Ajijic.

Once again, we wish to thank you for the professionalism you exhibited in our move from Puerto Vallarta. Your crew was exceptional and nothing was damaged or broken. It was a pleasure working with you and your cheerful crew. We will recommend your services to anyone without any hesitation whatsoever.

Wishing you well-deserved, future success,

Tom Eck

Betty Zaragoza





Dear Winston,


Thank you very much for a very thorough and professional move. Everything made it okay. The wrapping was perfect. Nothing is missing or broken.


We are very pleased.


Feel free to use us as a reference at any time.


Ron & Nancy Natale

Cape Coral, Florida.


3 days of unpacking and another 2 months to go!!





Dear Winston,


I would like to give you a letter of recommendation if you don't mind.

You moved us from Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico on August 31st, 2012.  I was most pleased with you and your crew of helpers.  The move was to Jackson Hole, Wyoming which is 2250 miles.  Over the rough Mexican roads and all of the handling of our furniture along the way, we only had two damaged items, which I packed, not you.  They were to Talavera plates and not of much value.  Everything that you took charge of came through without a hitch or a scratch.

To anyone wondering, Winston called it exactly like it turned out to be. Your price never varied and was the best quote we received.  You were always on time for every appointment we had;  your workers were at the house exactly when they were supposed to be;  our furniture arrived here exactly as he said it would.  We didn't touch a thing.  It was unpacked and brought into our new home by professional movers you located here, and everything was put it in its place; cleaned up;  the packing material collected and hauled away;  making this a painless and perfect move.

I would recommend you to anyone who might have questions about your services.  You have my telephone number below and feel free to give it out for potential customers to call me for a first hand reference.

Thanks Winston, I hope to see you on our next visit there.  I hope you and your wonderful family are all doing well.


Max Fuller

US Home Phone: 1-208-354-7710

Cell Phone: 1-208-230-1892






Hola Winston,


Rarely am I inclined to write letters of appreciation, but our recent use of Lake Chapala Moving and specifically the helpful assistance offered by Winston Tortajada cause me to pause for a few moments to recommend his services.  Our move from Portland Oregon to Ajijic was seamless, painless and stressless.  At every stage of the way he was available via telephone or e-mail to reassure us when our anxieties got in the way.  Because we had the time and energy to load the trailer ourselves, Winston's companies offered us as much assistance and advise as we ever needed.  Never too intrusive nor too distant he managed the transport and the border crossing without a hitch.  Our furniture arrived within the time frame he predicted and most important of all he never exaggerated our fears or took opportunity to take advantage of us in any way.  We saved thousands of dollars and each step of the way admired him for his professionalism, knowledge and friendliness.   Best of all, I can now consider him a friend and without hesitation or reservation refer Lake Chapala Moving to anyone interested in moving here.


Warmest regards,

David Bryen

503 644 1027





Hola Winston,


Just a quick note to say hello and thanks again for the great service and peace of mind you and your team provided in our recent move to Chapala that spanned 3 countries . Events unfolded as you said they would and our shipment arrived unscathed. We would (and will) recommend your services without hesitation.



David & Lois Berney






Hi Winston and Everyone:

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you very much for all the arrangements made regarding my move back to Canada.

As you told me it would be Winston, it was smooth and stress-free from packing to unpacking, with the exception of the aggravation Customs Canada gave me.

Everything arrived in the same condition as when it left Mexico (thanks to your muchachos).

This might give you a little chuckle, when cutting the bubble-wrap from around a lamp, I cut right through the electric cord - the lamp managed to travel over 4000 miles, only to end up being damaged in my living room by me!!!


Thank you all once again - job well done.

Maureen Nagasaki





Hi Winston,


I cannot speak highly enough of the service and care that you showed in packing our belongings! I have sent messages to many friends in the Lakeside area extolling praises to you and your crew for the wonderful job that you did in getting our possessions to us in a timely manner and with almost no damage. Losing 1 cup out of the many items that we had was minor. Thank you for all that you did and for your friendly, courteous and professional service!


Bob Kelly & Ted Dresie

Austin, Texas







Just a quick note to Thank you for your expertise in our move to Mexico.  Everything went well and there was no damage.  We really appreciate your help and professionalism.  Many thanks.


Chris E. Milner, CID

Kitchen, Bath & Interior Design

Ajijic and Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco. Mexico





Dear Winston,


We have unpacked all of our 255 boxes and put everything away. I am not sure that I will find everything, but in time things will rise from????


Winston, thanks to you and your packing team, nothing was broken in transit.


I am “NOT” moving again. They will have to drug and gag me to go through this again.


You did make it very easy for us.


Thank you again,


Maura and David Butler

Darien, Georgia





Hello Winston,


We would like to express our appreciation for your part in ensuring the smooth transfer of our household goods from Durham, NC, USA to Chapala, Jalisco, Mex.


It was so helpful to be able to communicate with you in English at this early stage of our knowledge of Spanish. You were gracious in giving speedy replies to our many questions. Your web site is full of invaluable advice and links to other sites. One site included detailed driving instructions for the border to Chapala including toll fees. Everything went as planned. The trailer arrived and departed at the times arranged in Durham. We saw the seals being applied before the trailer left. There was no holdup at the Mexican border and the trailer arrived earlier than expected in Guadalajara and sooner than our arrival in Chapala.


You were able to keep the goods on the trailer until we arrived and we were there when the presumably new seals were broken to begin unloading. The crew that unloaded was most careful moving everything into the storage facility that we had to use since our house was not ready.


The whole process was very satisfactory and we heartily recommend the service you provide through Lake Chapala Moving to anyone needing a similar service.


Robert and Hyacinth Martlew

Chapala, Mexico





Hi Winston,


I had to write to tell you how impressed I am with the way your men in Mexico wrapped my things. I had many fragile pieces, not one thing was broken, not a chip, they came in perfect order. I was so pleased, especially since some of the pieces are not replaceable. Please compliment the men that work for you, they did a super job. and thank you so much,

Bobi Horn

Coral Springs, Florida





Hi Winston,


Everything arrived just fine, and just as you said it would.  You do great work.  Should you need or want a reference feel free to use us.  We will come and visit you when we get back to Ajijic in December.  Looks like the weather will improve a lot this weekend......21 C. 


All the best......Linda and Frank

Toronto, Ontario, Canada





Good morning Winston!

What a day yesterday! Those two men, especially the captain Geoff, were incredible! They worked practically non-stop for 12 hours, beginning at 7 AM! I couldn't believe how carefully they wrapped EVERY SINGLE thing in so much paper and tape! There will be a mountain of paper when everything gets unwrapped. He loaded up to the top of the 8 feet, as he originally thought we were going to go OVER the 14 ft, but it was just as you and the other man on my phone survey said about it filling @9 feet.  It was amazing watching Geoff load the truck and it looked like a jig saw puzzle how he fit the pieces in.

They dismantled everything they could.  Every piece of furniture and lamp that could come apart, they did.  I do hope your men will assemble it all back for me.  You are going to need a truck just for the paper, not counting the boxes.

I wanted to send you the pictures I took.  Geoff also had me take a photo of the ceiling of the truck where it had been marked that there had been a leak that was fixed.  He wanted me to email them also to Sarah.  But it was dark by the time I took the photos inside the truck, and even though my camera flashed, they didn't come out! Actually I can see them perfectly when I look at them on my camera, but they are dark on my computer screen.  I don't understand that.   I will leave them in my camera in case you or someone else knows how to get them to come out visible.  And I will show them to you in person on my camera when I see you.  How's that?   
Well, I am waiting this morning for the driver, and then my stuff is on the way!  
I am officially letting you know the folks I dealt with here, in particular Sarah Hazard, her top man Geoff, and his helper Dan were just the best to work with!  What a great team.  Thank you again so much for making this possible for me Winston!

Have a great day!


Nina Dailey

Soap Lake Washington






Just a note to let you know my personal goods arrived yesterday in Kerrville, Texas. As you know, I live in an apartment complex, with very limited parking except for the residents.  I had a local mover, Browning Transfer, accept the trailer at his facility, unloading from the trailer to his truck, and then to my place and unloading here.

The goods arrived in great shape.  Nothing was missing, and nothing was damaged.  Please extend my personal thanks to your crew for a job well done.  Your packing was outstanding... I know since it was I who took the packing off!

Good luck to you, and if you want to use this letter or me as a reference, please feel free to do so.

Your amigo,

Joe Mumaw

Kerrville, TX





Hi Winston,

I can't believe that I have not emailed you sooner to tell you thanks for the excellent move(s). 
Everything arrived safe and sound in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

We should have had you hire people to unload our shipment in Hamilton as the movers we hired in Hamilton didn't show up. My daughter and her fiancé, and some of his workers, unloaded it themselves!!! Ah well, they're young.

Everything arrived in perfect shape. Not a scratch or dent on anything- not even a single glass or piece of pottery was damaged. The Asian art and antiques were wrapped as carefully as when they left Mexico.

My visit to the Toronto (Missasauga) import/export office was very strange. They had me sign the very same form that you gave me. Very weird. But it was all routine paperwork, no problems, just frustrating and confusing...again all of which was unnecessary, I believe as you already carefully did all the paper work. Just questions like...when did you leave Canada; Why were you in Mexico? When are you going back? Why are you back in Canada? All the while photocopying your passport and questioning you about your years in Indonesia! Very strange!

But mostly I just wanted to thank you for your professional, energetic and fun-loving attitude that you brought to our move. You made what is often a stressful event into a straight forward, efficient and enjoyable day.

I am hoping that we can work together again next Spring. I'll be in touch when I know which Asian country we are moving to. We should know by February 2008.

It will be a smaller shipment and it will be in June 2008. If we don't do a shipment to Asia we will most likely be doing another shipment back to Toronto.

I will be sure to tell Human Resources at ASFG to recommend Lake Chapala Moving for teachers moving to or from Guadalajara. I will also recommend you to other teachers that are leaving at the end of the school year.

It was wonderful to meet and work with you and your company.

Best wishes,

Lorna Parker

American School Foundation of Guadalajara





Good Morning Winston:


I just have to tell you how pleased I am with my move. Everything came through without one thing broken, dented, scratched, or harmed in any way... You made it all seem so easy and I thank you.


I have piles of packing material and boxes to pickup when you have the time.


Many thanks again,


Jan Feise

Chula Vista





Hi Winston,


Thank you and your crew for getting my "stuff" to me so promptly, and for the lovely gift certificate for a massage.  I certainly will need it after this move.  


Sleeping in my own bed last night was blissful.  I'll have about a gazillion boxes for your guy in the next week - will he come only once or perhaps twice? 


Have a good weekend. I'll talk to you soon.


Harriet Hagestad

Lago Encantado





Leon & Noble,


We want to thank you both for making our move so painless. For those of you who are moving to Lake Chapala, you probably have some reservations and maybe a little fear, however fear not, Leon and Noble will walk you through step by step and make sure you are comfortable with all the arrangements to have your possessions safely and quickly shipped to your new home. When we started checking out movers we found that by having Lake Chapala Moving ship our belongings we saved over $5,000.00 USD less than the other local quotes. If you need to ask more about their services contact:



This is the company to go with.


Bruce Deyarmond & Linda Guth

Riberas Del Pilar






Hola Leon,


Maria has been here all morning and is taking a much needed break but will be back at 3:00. Should have everything unpacked by then. So far everything is unpacking OK except a very delicate crystal parfait glass, which surprises me that all the others made it OK. I was expecting more breakage. My friends who helped me pack did a very good job and your people did too. I am very pleased with the move. Just very sore and tired. Now to find places to put things. I am finding that there are things I should have brought and didn't and things I wish I had not brought... who is to know? I wasn't expecting to find so many things furnished with the house. By the way, you should encourage more people to move to San Juan Cosala. I am glad I am not in Ajijic, San Antonio Tlayacapan, or Chapala. Very peaceful and quiet here. Its like someone flips a switch at 10 pm... total silence.


I still want to take you two out to dinner at the new restaurant across the street from me, Noble said he didn't know it was there. It is new and the owners and family have "adopted me". Let me know when you can come, and remember they are closed on Thursdays.


Again, thank you and Noble for all you have helped me with. Could not have done it without you.


Kelly Grier

San Juan Cosala






Thank you for the great service and for the e-card.  Everything about the move was fantastic, from the explanation of the process, assistance with the paperwork, and the delivery. We received everything in excellent condition and your unloading crew was excellent.  I would highly recommend Lake Chapala Moving to anyone shipping personal effects to Lakeside. Thanks again and we are excited about moving into the neighborhood.

Skip and Dona Johnson








We are all unpacked and settled into our new home. Thanks for all your help and tips on making the move so easy. It couldn't have gone better. I checked out other local alternatives to moving our effects from Florida and your price was by far the best.

After having our furniture loaded and unloaded "five" times between Daytona Beach and Ajijic, one would expect some damaged glassware, etc.  Nothing was broken except the glass in one small picture. Everything of value arrived in perfect condition! Your Ajijic crew was great and moved our things into the house without any damage to the walls or furnishings. 

Our daughter arrives from Bahrain tomorrow. When she leaves we will call and set a time that is convenient for you to come up for nibbles and refreshments.

Jack & Ruth McDonald

Lomas De Ajijic





Dear Leon & Noble,


Just wanted to thank you for a job well done.  Our move from Hollywood, Fl. to Mirasol went as smooth as could be.  Not one item was chipped or broken as your people in Florida did a wonderful job of wrapping everything.  It was a great move and we would heartily refer people to you without any doubt.




Don Snell & Ron Cook






Leon and Noble:


We found the entire moving experience with you absolutely stress-free and much easier than we had thought. Our container arrived within two weeks and we were very satisfied with the condition of the goods and the crew who helped unload. You followed-up on every question/concern we had while in the packing process, for which we were very grateful.


Thanks again.


Rich Petersen & Ernie Howard

Riberas Del Pilar







We have mentioned our pleasure with the services of Lake Chapala Moving to a number of people we have met at LCS. As you know many/many people have become interested in lakeside since the AARP article in January.


Most often the interested parties are from the southwest of the US, and pleased to hear that you have many hauls from that part of the country. For those of us moving from "remote" areas of the country, we suggest the haul to Laredo and then the repack to lakeside.


Yes, we recommend your company considering the only breakage we experienced was a coffee cup (which we packed) was bought in Mexico City 10 years ago. We think this can be replaced somewhere around here!


Norm and Jane Pifer

San Antonio Tlayacapan 





Dear Leon:


We were extremely pleased with the service we received from Lake Chapala Moving. Everyone we worked with was extremely friendly and professional, and you took all the hassle out of our international move.


One really nice thing about working with Lake Chapala Moving was that our cost did not run one penny over what you quoted. I can tell you that we have dealt with movers in the U.S., and it’s always a safe bet that you will get hit with extra charges.


Finally, great care was taken with all our belongings. We didn’t find anything that was broken or damaged, and we were extremely happy about that.


We don’t plan to move again, but if we do, we will be calling you.




Norma and Glenn Crosby






Dear Leon,


We wanted to let you know that our moving experience,  which could have been "horrendous" was much easier than we expected, thanks to you at Lake Chapala Moving.  Your price was right, your advice simplified the entire process, and your help was outstanding!   You did all of the work!  Many thanks for your assistance, and we look forward to recommending you to all of our friends.


Lynne & Tommy Fryant

Rancho Del Oro





Dear Leon and Noble


Leon and Noble are the most professional movers we have ever worked with. They kept in touch with us in the States regularly to make sure we were doing what we needed to do to make things go smoothly, which alleviated a lot of stress. That impressed us! Nothing was broken during the move and the price was never increased. These guys are the best! Don't consider any other moving company. 


The Jacobs Family






Dear Leon and Noble:


I want to let you know that I was very pleased with your service. Your help throughout the moving process was outstanding. I was very apprehensive and nervous about moving to Mexico from Florida, but your help simplified everything. My shipment arrived in excellent condition, thanks to your tips on packing, and your unloading crew of eight men was top notch. Thanks for holding my hand all the way from start to finish.


Mary Johnson






Leon & Noble


Thank you so very much for the excellent service and accommodations offered by you and your company on our recent move from Florida. Your assistance in locating a mover in Florida who was willing to pack us and move us from the Florida Keys was vital.


Again, thank you for the excellent service.


Best regards,


The Butlers

La Floresta





Hi Leon,


We are now almost settled in our home in Ajijic, only a couple of boxes yet to empty. With the exception of a couple of stemmed glasses, the move was made with NO damage, NO scratches on furniture, and arrived in two and a half weeks, which in December is, I think, quite good.


Connie and I want to compliment you, and the rest of your team for a job very well done! I would be happy to recommend the services of Lake Chapala Moving to any party considering the move to, or from, the Lakeside area.


Again, Good Job!!


Best Regards,


Dick Cruse





Dear Leon & Noble:


Thanks so much for calling us after our shipment arrived. We really appreciate all the help you gave us during our recent move. We are all settled in, and some of the boxes are unpacked. As always, you did a superb job. We can’t say enough about what a great company you have developed. We have never had such pleasant moves as when we used you to move us both to and from Mexico.


We really miss all our friends in Ajijic, but we hope to get back for a visit soon. Thanks again for all your help.


Best regards

Glen & Norma Crosby

Ruston, LA





Posted On A Web Board



So far, so good with Lake Chapala Moving.

We just completed part of our move to Ajijic from Dallas. We are unable to move into our house here until March 1, so we opted to place our furniture in storage at La Floresta Self Storage and used Leon and Noble James at Lake Chapala moving for the unload and subsequent delivery.

Our truck was to arrive at the self storage at 9am.When we arrived shortly before 9, the truck was already there and Leon and Noble had a large crew ready to unload. As usual, everything was manual. No hand trucks. No ramps, just raw strength.

The crew did an excellent job of carefully unloading the truck (13,000 pounds) into the little sheds. Nothing was dropped or broken. They packed the garage very efficiently using all available space. I don't believe there will be any breakage as they made sure to place the heavier items on the bottom with the lighter ones on top.


Next they will transfer the items to their own trucks in March, probably making a few trips to the house. This will be a bit more difficult since the furniture must be hauled from the street into the house. I'll post the results of that part of the move.


Juan Carlos at La Floresta Self Storage was very accommodating when we ended up needing more space than originally anticipated. The site seems very secure, having a guard out front and a picture of each person allowed access into the facility.


So far, I would recommend both the moving company and the self storage facility


Yesterday, we had our furniture moved from the self storage facility into the house. It was a lot different than moving out of the house in Dallas where our furniture was loaded onto a 53 foot trailer. Here we had Rudy and a crew of 7 young men, a Chevy pickup truck and 2 larger panel trucks show up at 8:30 am. Again, no equipment other than young muscles. This is another one of those things you have to get used to in Mexico.


Rudy, the man who led the crew, is also in the construction business. He was again, extremely careful with the load at the self storage facility and the subsequent unload at the house. There were several very heavy pieces that were gently taken from the street and carried up several levels of steps into the house.

The guys took a short break around 2pm, but other than that they worked solid throughout the day finally finishing at around 5:30. They unwrapped all the furniture and hauled off all of the material. They also helped us set up the furniture, laying down rugs and assembling sectionals and beds.


At this point in time, there is no damage at all to any of our belongings. They were packed extremely well in Dallas which I believe really helped eliminate any breakage.

I would highly recommend using Lake Chapala Moving for any aspect of your move. In our case, United folded in the unload into their quote, so that we knew we had door to door service. Now, Leon will be sending over some people to clean the house after we finish unpacking and a horticulturist for a one hour consultation on our yard.